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Simply visit our products page and choose the CleanCut™ option you want and pay online using your credit card by clicking the "buy now" button under the product you want. No PayPal account is needed to buy online.
Print out our single page Express Order Form and fill in the required fields and either fax the form back to 905-579-1704 or email it to info@imperialbath.net.
We'll take the time to speak with you and answer any questions you might have. To help get you started have a look at our easy to follow bathtub measuring guide to determine which CleanCut™ bathtub safety product is the best fit for your needs and your bathtub. Give us a call today at 1-855-707-9777 with any questions or to order.

When placing your order by phone please have the following details ready;

• Product description, quantity, colour and size you would like to order
• Company name (if applicable) 
• Shipping address and postal code
• Email address so we can send package tracking information
• Credit card number for phone orders 

All orders ship out within 24-48 business hours via FedEx Ground. 
Download the complete CleanCut™ bathtub to shower sizing guide to see which product best suites your needs and your bathtub. Imperial Bathrooms - Tub to Shower in Hours! Call Toll-Free 1-855-707-9777 facility-overview-b1.png installation-vids-b1.png shop-1.png iob-1.png hp-3.png products-1.png find-installer-b1.png

Contact Imperial Bathrooms today by calling toll-free in Canada 1-855-707-9777 reg-c.png ct.png