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Independent Installer Opportunities in Canada

Imperial Bathrooms has been a leader in the bathtub accessibility industry for almost 15 years. With having installed over 1000 tub cutouts while helping many more. Starting out as a bathtub refinishing company we quickly saw the need for bathtub cutouts. After years of hard work and many tubs later, we are proud to be the only Canadian distributor of the patented, award winning, CleanCut™ bathtub safety product line.
The opportunity that Imperial Bathrooms offers is unlike any other in the accessibility industry! As an installer of the CleanCut™ product line, you can become part of the fastest growing industry in the country, the home accessibility industry! But that’s not all, top independent installers have the potential to easily earn upwards of $150,000 CAD per year.

Why home accessibility? According to the 2016 census from Statistics Canada, there are currently 5.9 million Canadian seniors. For the first time ever, seniors outnumber children and the financial implications are being felt by everyone. The aging population in Canada has a great demand for service providers such as yourself. You have the ability and opportunity to assist Canada’s fastest growing population! CleanCut™ bathtub safety products are an affordable, reliable option for those seniors who wish to keep their independence and remain in their home long into their golden years.

We Can Help!

Benefits of Becoming an Installer of the CleanCut™ Product Line

Imperial Bathrooms has many years of installation experience to pass on to you. We are always here to help with any questions you may have and we offer technical support as well as trouble shooting. Simply watch our easy to follow installation video series for FREE to see just how simple installing a tub cutout is. And remember, if you ever run into a problem we're just a phone call away!
Signing up to become an independent installer is FREE! No hidden fees or expenses.

• Free technical support from experienced technicians.
• Free shipping Canada wide on all CleanCut™ products.
• No more duties and fees.
• Unlimited earning potential.
• No franchise fees - You work for yourself and you pay yourself.
• No area restrictions - You can advertise and install wherever you want.
• Free leads, if someone needs an installer close to you, we let them know who you are.
• Low overhead - With a few simple tools you’re ready to get started.
• No minimum orders - Order what you need and nothing more.
• Helping seniors stay independent and safe.
Bathtub cutout kits Canada Low cost alternative to disruptive and expensive bathtub safety solutions No mess solution for bathtub accessibility in Canada
Click here to view Imperial Bathrooms brochure online. Bathtub cutout kit installation professionals needed right across Canada. No matter if you want to convert 1 tub or a 100 tubs we have you covered. Call today and we'll put you in touch with an installer 
in your area. Maintenance staff training also available!