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No matter if you want to convert 1 tub or a 100 tubs we have you covered. Call today and we'll put you in touch with an installer 
in your area. Maintenance staff training also available! Bathtub cutout kit installation professionals needed right across Canada. us-customers.png

Looking for a CleanCut™ independent installer?

Imperial Bathrooms has partnered with over a 100 independent installers throughout Canada. Enter your postal code below to find an installer near you!

Let Us Know!

Did you contact an independent installer from the list below only to find out they do not install the CleanCut product you want? If you do not see a raised “CleanCut” coloured logo on the bottom right corner of your new step, LET US KNOW! Please send us a quick email with the name of the company and the product you were looking for to Imperial Bathrooms strives to offer the best product for the best value, not only for our loyal customers, but for our devoted independent installers as well.
Contact Imperial Bathrooms today by calling toll-free 1-855-707-9777 installer-b2.png
"Platinum Installer" under the company name signifies they are a top CleanCut™ installer in your area.
The no mess solution to bathtub accessibility. Order your CleanCut™ bathtub safety product today!