Q: How big is the opening for the CleanCut Door™?

A: With the CleanCut Door™ the threshold will be reduced by approx. 9 inches (22.86cm) and will create an opening that is 16.75 inches (42.54 cm) wide.

Q: How long do I have to wait before I can use the tub after the CleanCut™ product is installed?

A: You can use your newly installed CleanCut Step™ or CleanCut Ultra-Low™ 24 hours after installation. The CleanCut Convertible™ and the CleanCut Door™ can be used 48 hours after installation. This time allows the adhesives to dry to a hard waterproof seal.

Q: How can my facility have CleanCut's line of accessibility products installed? Can we do it ourselves?

Imperial Bathrooms provides a complete installation kit that allows your installation staff to perform the install quickly and at minimal cost. We offer all the information that's needed from "how to" videos to detailed installation manuals. We can also put you in touch with a local installer that can train your maintenance staff.

Q: I want to purchase the kit but don't know anyone who can install it for me?

A: We have a large list of independent installers across Canada. Use our "Find a Local Installer" tool here to find an installer close to your location.

Q: I have shower doors right now do they need to come off?

A: Yes, the shower doors would have to be removed along with the top and bottom track at a minimum. Generally, if you speak to the person installing the CleanCut™ product they may charge a nominal fee for this. If you happen to know someone handy the doors can be removed in minutes.

Q: If I get a CleanCut™ bath product is installed will the water escape and leak onto the floor?

A: In most cases your existing shower curtain will do the trick. If not, you can simply lower your existing shower curtain rod to the point where the shower curtain covers the opening of the CleanCut Step™, CleanCut Ultra-Low™, CleanCut Door™, and the CleanCut Convertible™.

Q: I have a toilet or a vanity next to my tub can the CleanCut™ product still be installed?

A: Yes, in most cases the CleanCut™ product when being installed can be moved off center allowing you maximum tub access.
Q: What if I had an acrylic bathtub liner installed over top of my old existing cast iron or steel bathtub?
A: We don't recommend this. The main reason for this is the heat generated while cutting the cast iron or steel bathtub could possibly warp, melt, or otherwise damage the acrylic bathtub liner.
Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, EMT (Email Money Transfer). A receipt is always provided.

Q: How big is the opening for the CleanCut Step™?

A: With the CleanCut Step™ the threshold will be reduced by approx. 8 inches (20.32cm) and will create an opening that is 24 inches (60.96cm) wide.

Q: How big is opening for the CleanCut Ultra-Low™?

A: With the CleanCut Ultra-Low™ the threshold will be reduced by approx. 13.25 inches (33.66cm) and will create an opening that is 24 inches (60.96cm) wide.

Q: How big is the opening for the CleanCut Convertible™?

A: With the CleanCut Convertible™ the threshold will be reduced by approx. 8.5 inches (21.60cm) and will create an opening that is 18.75 inches (47.62cm) wide.
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