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Why Choose Imperial Bathrooms?
Professional Installation
Factory trained professional installers with over 10 years experience installing tub cutout conversions, grab bars and anti-slip mats.
Need grab bars? Need a anti-slip mat? Get everything installed at the same time as the tub conversion.
Under One Roof
Wide and Deep Openings
The CleanCut Step™ and the CleanCut Ultra-Low™ create an opening 2 feet wide!
Proudly Canadian
Imperial Bathrooms has been servicing the Greater Toronto area since 2004.
CleanCut Step™ bathtub to step-in shower conversion in Toronto Bathtub cutout Toronto lowest price guarantee
Click here to view Imperial Bathrooms brochure online. For factory direct pricing and discounts on Acorn stailifts give Doug Cross a call today! See why Imperial Bathrooms is top rated in the Greater Toronto Area in customer satisfaction by reading just some of the reasons you 
should choose us. Get details on Imperial Bathrooms lowest price promise.
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No need for a pricey bathroom remodel.

CleanCut™ products work on your existing tub, and can be fully installed within just 2 to 4 hours, how great is that!

Our patented process includes: clean cutting a portion of your tub, prepping the area, and finally product installation.

But which of the CleanCut™ products will you choose?

The Step converts your existing bath into a step-in shower. It's ideal for those interested in a easier showering experience.

The Ultra-Low is almost exactly the same, except it's designed to fit high profile tubs.

Last but not least is the Convertible. This ground breaking product allows you to effortlessly switch from step-in tub shower to traditional tub. The removable unit is water-tight and locks on or off in moments.

If you have questions, or would like one of our products installed, click or call. Our contact info is just below.

Thanks for watching!
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