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Having a little trouble getting into your bathtub? Wish there was a way to solve this problem without having to spend $5,000 to $10,000?

Well you've come to the right place! Since 2004 Imperial Bathrooms has been servicing home owners and senior care centers alike within the Greater Toronto Area with our low cost no-mess bathtub safety solutions.

Our unique tub cutout conversions with the patented CleanCut™ bath steps can convert your existing bathtub into a safe and accessible step-in shower in hours. No need for a messy or expensive bathroom renovation. We can solve all your bathtub safety needs at a fraction of the cost and in less time!
• You get the one and only patented CleanCut™ bath step (don't be fooled by imitations)

• All CleanCut™ bath steps are braced with custom support boxes to support your weight if you need to stand on the step

• Each CleanCut™ bath step is custom fitted to your existing bathtub

• Built-in anti-skid surface in each CleanCut™ step (not a sticker)

• The patented CleanCut™ bath steps polyethylene material is almost a full 1/4 inch thick!

• The CleanCut Convertible™ is installed with an additional water-proof membrane underneath the step

• Extra strong water-proof adhesive/sealant is applied to each and every installation

• All grab bars are installed to exceed the American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines

• Each and every installation is carefully inspected upon completion ensuring the highest standards
• Completely installed in just 2-3 hours!

• Actual customer reviews from some of our customers for all to see

• On-time and professional service for all appointments or in-home visits

• 1000's of tub cutouts worth of experience

• Imperial Bathrooms company marked vehicles

• Installation provided by actual Imperial Bathrooms staff (we never sub-contract work out)

• Meet the installer during your free initial in-home visit to go over any questions you might have

• 7 day a week installations and in-home consultations to best suite your schedule

• Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and liability insurance covered

• Only pay when the job is completed and you're 100% satisfied!
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Imperial Bathrooms has been servicing senior care centers and personal residences in the Greater Toronto Area since 2004No Mess Bathtub to Shower Safety Solutions Bathtub cutout Toronto lowest price guarantee Low cost alternative to disruptive and expensive bathtub safety solutions
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