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Looking for a CleanCut™ installer in your area? Or are you looking to simply purchase a DIY bathtub cutout kit for personal use? If so, you've come to the right place. Imperial Bathrooms distributes all four CleanCut™ bathtub accessibility products to independent installers and home owners across Canada! Click below to see which CleanCut™ bathtub accessibility product is the right choice for your needs and your tub.

Imperial Bathrooms is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the award winning CleanCut™ line of bathtub safety products, the most trusted and recognized brands in the industry. Additionally, we provide easy to follow installation resources such as instructional videos and bathtub measuring guides. These will make choosing the right bathtub cutout conversion effortless. Typical installs only take 2-3 hours from start to finish!

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The CleanCut Step™ is not only our lowest cost option but also fits your existing acrylic, fiberglass, steel or cast iron bathtub. Simply cut out a section of your existing bathtub and custom fit the resulting opening with the CleanCut Step™. Click on the measuring guide below to see what size CleanCut Step™ is right for your tub.

The CleanCut Ultra-Low™ offers our deepest opening. This tub cutout conversion is specifically designed for deeper acrylic or fiberglass bathtubs. With a 13.75-inch depth opening, it's the deepest bathtub cutout in the industry. See if the CleanCut Ultra-Low™ kit is right for your bathtub. View our CleanCut Ultra-Low™ tub sizing guide below!

The CleanCut Convertible™ is a unique bathtub accessibility product that allows you to either have a step-in shower, or a full bath. The removable easy to use water-tight plug can be stored away and re-installed in only seconds when you or other family members decide to have a relaxing bath. The CleanCut Convertible™ tub cutout also provides a full 18.75-inch-wide opening!

Canadian Owned and Operated
We sell and ship the entire line of CleanCut™ products to senior care facilities, contractors and independent installers across Canada.
Our bathtub cutout conversion kits save you time and money vs. messy and expensive full bathroom renovations.
Use Your Existing Bathtub!
Fully Installed in 2-3 Hours!
Our bathtub accessibility solutions provide easier bathtub access in only hours.

CleanCut Door™

Want easier bathtub access and the ability to still have a full bath? Ask for the CleanCut Door™ when ordering.
Save $1000's vs Remodeling
Who wants to put up with messy and expensive renovations that can takes weeks. All CleanCut™ products are installed in hours and at a fraction of the cost!

CleanCut™ Bath Steps

You'll be getting the original award winning CleanCut™ brand of bathtub safety products. Ask for it by name!
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The CleanCut Door™ offers the best of both worlds. Not only does the CleanCut Door™ give you easier and safer shower access, it also allows you to have a full bath. When ordering please specify if you want your door hinges on the right or the left-hand side. This tub cutout conversion will remove 8.5 inches from the top of your tub!

With the CleanCut Convertible™ kit you can convert your existing bathtub into an accessible walk-in bathtub and still have a full 
bath! zb.png
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Download the complete CleanCut™ bathtub to shower sizing guide to see which product best suites your needs and your bathtub. Click here to view Imperial Bathrooms tub to shower conversion brochure online. Contact Imperial Bathrooms today by calling toll-free in Canada 1-855-707-9777 facility-overview-b1.png installation-vids-b1.png shop-1.png how-1.png iob-1.png products-1.png find-installer-b1.png

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