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Completed bathtub cutout conversion using this customers existing steel bathtub
Imperial Bathrooms has been cutting and converting cast iron, steel and acrylic bathtubs within the Greater Toronto Area since 2004. Our unique bathtub cutout conversions provide a quick and easy no-mess solution to bathtub safety. What's more, you have 4 choices to choose from depending on your needs, and the type bathtub you have. The choice is yours!

All of Imperial Bathrooms bathtub conversions feature the CleanCut™ bath steps one of the most trusted and recognized names in the industry. Furthermore, our simple and unique bathtub cutout options will give you and concerned family members safety and peace of mind for years to come. To learn more or if you have any questions please fill out the short form above.

CleanCut Step™ Bathtub Cutout Conversion

CleanCut Door™ Bathtub Cutout Conversion

Our quick and affordable bathtub to step-in shower conversion is perfect for individuals aging in place, and for senior care facilities that are interested in easier and safer bathtub access. Imperial Bathrooms simply cuts out a section of your existing acrylic, steel or cast iron bathtub and custom fits the resulting opening with the one and only CleanCut Step™.
Still have a bath, or have family members that do? With our bathtub to walk-in tub conversion it allows you to fill the bathtub just as you would prior to the bathtub cutout, at the same time providing easier and safer tub access. This conversion features the CleanCut Door™ and is installed with a double seal system ensuring a water-tight seal for years to come.
Completed bathtub to walkin shower conversion with the Safeway Tub Door®
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Did you know that by simply installing a couple small safety features in or around your bathtub can reduce your chance of a slip and fall by up to 75%? That’s right. By having something as simple as a couple grab bars and an anti-slip mat installed in or around your bathtub will greatly reduce your chance of a slip and fall. Ask us about these additional safety options.

Grab Bars & Adhesive Anti-Slip Mats

Family Owned and Operated
We've been servicing senior care centers and private residences within the Greater Toronto Area since 2004.
Our bathtub cutout conversions save you time and money vs. messy and expensive full bathroom renovations.
Use Your Existing Bathtub!
Installed in Hours
Our bathtub accessibility solutions provide easier bathtub access in only hours.
Professional Installation
We have over 10 years experience installing bathtub cutout conversions and other bathroom safety products in the GTA.
Company Vehicles
We complete all of our own jobs in Imperial Bathrooms marked vehicles. We never sub-contract our work out.
CleanCut™ Bath Steps
All of our bathtub cutout conversions feature CleanCut™ products. Ask for it by name.
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CleanCut Ultra-Low™ Bathtub Cutout Conversion

CleanCut Convertible™ Bathtub Cutout Conversion

The CleanCut Ultra-Low™ is our deepest opening to date. This tub cutout conversion was specially designed for deep acrylic or fiberglass bathtubs. With an almost 14 inch depth cutout it's one of the deepest tub cutouts within the industry. Each installation of the CleanCut Ultra-Low™ is custom fitted to your existing tub and comes with a built-in anti-skid surface.
The CleanCut Convertible™ is a unique bath step that allows you to either have a step-in shower, or a full bath. The removable easy to use water-tight plug can be stored away and re-installed in only seconds when you or other family members decide to have a relaxing bath. The CleanCut Convertible™ tub cutout also provides a 24 inch wide opening!
Get additional bath safety products installed at the same time as your bathtub cutout like grab bars and anti-slip mats. bathtub-cutout001009.gif Using the CleanCut Convertible™ we can convert your existing bathtub to a walk-in shower. We can convert your existing acrylic or fiberglass with the CleanCut Ultra-Low™ Click here to watch Imperial Bathrooms latest tv ad featuring CleanCut™ products. Click here to view Imperial Bathrooms brochure online. Click here to see if you qualify for a 15% tax credit on your bathtub cutout conversion. For factory direct pricing and discounts on Acorn stailifts give Doug Cross a call today!
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